October 1, 2018

Life, Love & The Beautiful Game

Love Advice via Football

If there are 2 things that Singaporeans love to talk about, it’s relationships and football. If we were to mix the two together as a podcast, what would you get?

We reassembled one of the best ever radio teams and threw a bunch of listener questions at them, with the rule that our pundits, Sebastian and Elliott, would use famous football incidents to give advice. To keep the chaos under control, Shareen will “referee” and decide who gave the best answer.

Season 1 of 14 episodes was a huge success. We’ll be back with Season 2!

Meet the Team

The voices of Life, Love & The Beautiful Game once shared the airwaves together at Power98FM. From the very first episode, you can hear the electric chemistry these 3 have when they get together


Sebastian Sim

Liverpool Fan

Sebastian is the insatiable ladies man, always swiping on his smartphone in search for that magical soul to share his life.


Shareen Wong

Voice Of Reason

2 lads using football to give love life advice need a referee: Shareen brings common sense and heartfelt advice to each episode


Elliott Danker

Manchester United Fan

Life through rose-tinted glasses is how Elliott sees things: ever the romantic, he always looks for the silver lining in any love scenario

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