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Why Podcasting with SpliceCast is the Best Option
Go to Preparation and Research

Preparation and Research

An awesome podcast requires deep preparation and extensive research. These are the keys to making a podcast that listeners will enjoy and subscribe to get new episodes as soon as they’re out. We help you fine tune your concept and approach and consult on your format and creative direction

Podcast Recording

Dedicated 4-person podcast facility with individual headphone levels, Sound Devices MixPre10T with optional Skype Call-In Options for remote guests, with immediate post-session USB backup. Our space is over 1000 sq ft designed like a living room for a relaxed and casual vibe

Go to Post Production

Post Production

A good podcast becomes great when mixed properly. Our team of mixers have worked on motion pictures, TV & radio, and will seamlessly blend intro / outro, breaks, sponsor messages to create tight podcasts for maximum effect. We mix to the podcast standard of -16 LUFS mono and export mp3 at 64kbps with ID3 Tags.



Splice Cast takes care of hosting your podcast and syndication / distribution through the major podcast portals – Apple iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and more! LibSyn hosting for your audio with seamless links to your website. We can also generate show notes and transcriptions for each episode.

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Learn what SpliceCast can do for your brand through Podcasting
Use the Power of Voice to Engage Your Audience

Brands love the podcast format as it allows them to deepen their engagement with their audience. With a well-defined format and focus, brands can share their values and message within the intimate space that a podcast provides. We offer full turn-key solutions to create a podcast that works for your brand and USP; choose a host, select guests, record, mix, and produce a podcast that connects with your audience. We can also consult to build a podcast recording area on-site and provide support services and post production / syndication to give you ultimate flexibility on how you produce your own podcasts Splice Cast's team of experienced producers will keep your podcast on track, on schedule and on budget and get your podcast to listeners regardless of OS, device or platform.

  • We help you choose the right format to make your podcast a success

  • We work with the best podcast host that bring instant warmth to your message

  • Getting your podcast out to your audience can be daunting, but we will guide you

  • We offer 100% management of your podcast offering, from concept to launch to ongoing success

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